Enel X - Sustainable Condominium "La Cumbre"

Enel X - Sustainable Condominium "La Cumbre"

Enel X Together with the real estate company TerraFirme, they have developed one of the first sustainable real estate projects.

What does this project consist of?

A closed condominium with 20 houses of three floors each. What's so special about it? Most of its facilities are sustainable and eco-friendly:

- Hybrid solutions for each house: Photovoltaic Solar Generation of 1 kWp, to inject in consumptions of aerothermal Heat Pumps of sanitary water heating, in this way we can use and accumulate solar energy as hot water in each pond, using efficiently the energy generated by the sun.

- Home automation system: home automation, which contributes to energy management and security (intelligent lock, lighting control, outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras and motion sensor).

What are the advantages of these implementations?

Significant energy savings (in the order of 50% in the cost of domestic hot water), the complete elimination of local combustion and the elimination of pollutant gas emissions. In conclusion, it is a benefit for the environment and a considerable saving in the cost of conventional energy.

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