May the next music festival be sustainable!

 May the next music festival be sustainable!

In a world where thousands of congresses, meetings, parties, festivals and events of all sizes and conditions are held daily, it is increasingly necessary for them to be sustainable in their 3 axes: economic, social and environmental.

Precisely a large part of the negative impacts generated by these events can be at our disposal to be reduced or eliminated. And, perhaps, many times we do not do things differently or because we do not know how to pose them in a sustainable way. But, in Chile, what are the events that have tried to innovate with a more sustainable organization? Here are the pioneers on this topic:

Lollapalooza: The 2019 version of this great festival featured for the first time, with a stage 100% powered by solar energy. The Aldea Verde solar stage was powered by a field of 240 solar panels deployed for the operation of audio, lights and stage screens throughout the festival, demonstrating the power and usefulness of this type of energy for different industries. This effort frames a series of measures that the festival implements each year to reduce and offset the Carbon Footprint, generated by 80% by the public.

La Feria: The renowned electronic music club La Feria became the first nightclub in the world, created in conjunction with Budweiser, which will run on 100% renewable energy. The initiative arises from a global campaign of the brand where, according to Budweiser announced at the 2018 World Economic Forum, they commit to transform their global production by 2025 with 100% clean energy. The implementation of 35 photovoltaic generation panels in the club will produce an average energy of 1,299 kWh per month, which covers over 100% of what La Feria consumes and will prevent 6.51 tons of CO2 from being emitted annually. To understand the savings in energy consumption, the equivalence can be made that an average house in Chile consumes 2,840 kWh annually. The new implementation of the club will allow solar generation to cover the energy consumed by approx. 5.5 houses in Santiago.

At Enel X we believe that renewable energy is the solution to much of what we call global warming. That is why we offer various solutions to make events more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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