Our principles, our work

Our principles, our work

For us - as for any company - customers are the central reference point, without which everything else is meaningless. Therefore, the needs of customers are our first principle: it is necessary, first of all, to interpret them and then provide services and products that meet them. Putting this principle into practice is the our job. We want to develop products at a global level, taking into account the needs of customers at a local level: an ambitious challenge for our company, which is part of a Group present in over 30 countries in 5 continents. To win this challenge, we have structured a process in which there is a transition from global to local level and vice versa: upstream of product development, customers in the various countries are directly involved in testing; downstream of the process, the Country e-Solutions units are tasked with providing feedback to the Global Lines for continuous improvement.

The second principle underlying our actions is innovation. For us, innovating means to always be in step with the times, without ever losing sight of technological advances and competition, to aim at success in the long term. In the daily activities of those who work with us, innovation is summed up by the 5 C’s: customers, changes, continuity, creativity, and collaboration. While customer needs are the spark that triggers innovation, change is the tangible result. However, change cannot be sporadic, but it needs to be the result of continuous innovation, embedded in our processes. This stimulates the creativity of workers, gratifying them and increasing their willingness to collaborate.

The third principle is a new approach, which, in turn, is constituted by three pillars: agility, flexibility, and obviously, collaboration. It is a modern, dynamic, team-based method, which always takes into account the context and is able to adapt quickly. It is the only effective method on the scene today to replace the rigid and individualistic structures of the past. Agility means shortening the process from the inception of an idea to its realisation, engaging the various internal functions, as well as external partners in the field. Flexibility within a team means being ready to readjust our priorities and our ideas when the context changes. And it also involves being able to recognise the value and effectiveness of the ideas of others, making them come to the surface. The attention to others also entails the ability to be collaborative, i.e., being able to interact moving together toward a single objective: the continuous improvement of our products.

Finally, only through a careful analysis of data is it possible to understand the real needs of customers and anticipate them. In addition, with the exponential increase in processing capabilities offered by Cloud platforms and Artificial Intelligence systems, technology offers us new opportunities for revenue stream generation. "Data business" is the fourth core principle of our new way of doing business. It is a fundamental approach to contribute more and more effectively to extracting value from the infinite amount of heterogeneous data we generate every day. This is a model that we will be able to apply to improving products as well as organizational decisions and to optimizing business processes to predict future results through a predictive analysis system, a statistical technique that uses historical and current data to identify risks and opportunities.

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