Naval industry venture in Macaé will be 94% supplied with solar power

The photovoltaic solar plant was installed on the roof of the company Fratelli Cosulich do Brasil

Naval industry venture in Macaé will be 94% supplied with solar power

Our main motivation in installing the photovoltaic system was sustainability. This project reinforces Fratelli Cosulich do Brasil's commitment to the country and the environment, in addition to bringing many benefits to the company. We are convinced that we have chosen the right partner for the execution and installation of the project, Enel X. We are fully satisfied with the results achieved.

Emerson Teodoro de Oliveira

Fratelli Cosulich do Brasil Director

Sharp drops in solar equipment costs, especially modules that go to roofs and fields, have made this technology widely available to homes, businesses and networks. PV is now truly ubiquitous and a worldwide phenomenon.

Luiza Demôro

BNEF analyst and the report’s main author

Renewable energy sources, such as solar, bring real and sustainable benefits to our customers and also to the Country’s electrical system. We are proud to be part of this. At e-Industries, our mission is to help the energy transition of companies by promoting the electrification, digitalisation and decarbonisation of our customers.

Leandro Abreu

Head of the Enel X’s e-Industries area in Brazil

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