Enel X will deliver to Tim it’s largest distributed generation solar power plant in Latin America

Built in Bahia, TIM's photovoltaic power system will have an installed capacity of 9.919 MWp and will prevent the emission of more than 13,000 tons of CO₂ into the atmosphere per year.

Enel X will deliver to Tim it’s largest distributed generation solar power plant in Latin America

Offering distributed solar solutions to help companies start generating their own energy and helping them meet their sustainability goals are at the heart of our strategy in Brazil. The Northeast Region has stood out in the development of projects of this type, thanks to the abundance of natural resources throughout the year.

Francisco Scroffa

President of Enel X in Brazil

Renewable energy sources are important not only to drive down energy costs but also to meet a growing demand for clean energy. We rely on partners like Enel X, who prioritize solutions for the future, for projects and investments we make around the country in search of energy efficiency.

Bruno Gentil

TIM Brasil’s Chief Business Support Officer

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Customer Insights - Integrated digital solutions towards a sustainable energy transition.

One of the variable costs that fluctuates the most, with the increase in tariffs and taxes, is electricity, a fundamental input for all sectors of a company.

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