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What is an Energy Advisor and what do they do?

An energy advisor provides comprehensive advice to companies on all topics related to energy consumption.


While possible to perform independent energy management, it takes time, expertise and access to information to do properly. An energy advisor is a person who provides a company with the full spectrum of support in the management of all energy-related matters.


Companies often turn to energy advisors because they have been impacted significantly by the cost of their energy supply, lack of knowledge about the energy markets, do not understand the complex pricing structures of providers, or simply do not have the time to negotiate with them.


Energy advisors can provide more complex services that have higher added value, such as the possibility to self-produce energy and improvements in energy efficiency in order to meet sustainability targets and cut consumption costs. They can help foster better-informed decision making about purchasing energy by developing structured strategies for energy procurement and risk management. They might also present opportunities from energy use previously unknown to a company.