Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response


Demand Side Response (DSR) is the temporary electricity demand reduction by energy users to support the electricity system. DSR programs offer remuneration to enterprises that  reduce power consumption from the grid at the request of the system operator during critical power  supply shortages.

Who can participate in DSR programs?
Companies that have at least a few hundred kW of energy demand and can temporarily:

  • Reduce power consumption
  • Shift the power consumption to other hours
  • Switch to a back-up generation source

There are many ways to reduce, shift, or switch power consumption, such as:

  • Turning off parts of equipment or lighting
  • Adaptation of production processes to periods of demand for power reduction
  • Changing of settings and/or operating schedules for HVAC installations, pumps, industrial freezers or compressors
  • Running reserve aggregates or changing the schedule of cogeneration operation

Customers operating in any industry can benefit from participation in the program. The programs are intended for large energy consumers, such as cement plants, steel mills or chemical plants.
Smaller facilities can also benefit from these programs, such as: food processing plants, cold stores, hospitals, universities, wastewater treatment, and recycling companies.


Benefits of DSR participation:

  • Remuneration for readiness to reduce
  • Reducing electricity costs by effectively planning energy purchases and consumption
  • Active participation in ensuring the security of the power system in the country – program participants have the opportunity to use the emblem I Support Poland's Energy Security
  • Production security – you will learn about possible threats to energy supply in advance, so you can protect your processes and equipment
  • Additional points when awarding multi-criteria LEED and BREEAM building certification

The amount of remuneration depends on your company's power reduction potential and the DSR program you choose. For the readiness to reduce some of the power consumption, you can earn PLN 100,000-200,000 per year for 1 MW of power.

Signing a contract
To participate in the 2021 Capacity Market, a decision must be made as soon as possible. There is a limit to the amount of power we can have in our portfolio, and a  contract with an aggregator like Enel X must be completed no later than the end of August 2020 to participate from 2021. To take full advantage of your options and choose the optimal product, sign up for the program as soon as possible.

The role of an aggregator
Power grid operators usually do not work directly with end users. Aggregators like Enel X help  end users like you throughout the entire process, assuming a large part of your risk associated with participation. Aggregators also advise in how to reduce power consumption by accessing a knowledge base derived from many years of experience with customers in various industries. 
The most important is, however, that it protects you against fines from the network operator for failing to participate when needed. A good aggregator provides some flexibility for you to change the level of liabilities to given calendar periods, or allows reporting periods of indisposition. Usually, it accumulates in a given portfolio a larger number of enterprises in order to ensure the flexibility of power reduction within a given portfolio - thanks to this, the risk of failure to fulfill the call for reduction is reduced.

Enel X consulting on power reduction
Based on your historical data, Enel X will prepare a detailed analysis of electricity consumption enabling the estimation of your reduction potential taking into account:

  • The scope of power demand in individual months of the program duration
  • A typical demand distribution curve
  • Typical daily load profile in terms of weekly and program seasons
  • Reduction potential for enterprises in your industry

Our analytical tools and reports help clients to correctly estimate the level of reduction.The experience of working with clients (over 86,000 clients from 96 industries ) enables the correct identification of reduction potential, which is a key element of the process.

Why choose Enel X as your DSR aggregator:

  • Free access to online visualization of data on consumption profiles
  • Partnership with the world leader of DSR services on the power market, which has been operating in Poland and abroad for many years and acquired 70% of contracts for the years 2021-2024 and thanks to this knows how to create products tailored to different groups of recipients
  • Access to global know-how in DSR services and support of our experts in energy consulting

Data visualization of consumption profiles

A new web-based application is available to monitor consumption profiles. With it, you can:

  • Optimize reduction performance
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Analyze information about objects and users

The application is available on mobile. It gives you the opportunity to:

  • Optimize reduction performance
  • Monitor energy consumption

The application is available to our customers here

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