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Earn thanks to Demand Side Response programs

Demand Side Response (DSR) programs (temporary reduction of power consumption on the demand of the electro energy system operator in the absence of sufficient power) is a proven in Poland and in the world method of increasing the reliability of power supply and at the same time allowing you to receive an attractive remuneration. Thanks to these programs, we can effectively help maintain secure energy supplies in the country.


Thanks to the DSR Programs with Enel X  the company may receive yp to  PLN 720,000 for 1 MW of capacity they can reduce. To ensure this opportunity for the coming years, it is worth getting acquainted with DSR programs today.


We invite you for the webinar of Enel X on the 14th of July at 12 p.m. Earn on the Power Market thanks to Demand Side Response. During the webinar you will learn, among others:

  • What are DSR programs and which companies are they targeted at
  • What are the possible ways to reduce energy and how much can you earn from it
  • What are the other benefits of cooperation with the aggregator and what does such cooperation look like


The webinar will be hosted by Jacek Misiejuk, Managing Director of Enel X Poland in English.