CES 2020

CES 2020: The Global Stage for Innovation

JAN 7-10, 2020 LAS VEGAS, NV

4.5K+ exhibiting companies

including manufacturers, developers and technology delivery systems

175K+ total attendance

more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries

1K+ speakers

a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions

CES 2020 and our Circular

Enel X is leading the energy transformation all over the world. By making the complex simple, Enel X enables people, cities and businesses to use technology to transform energy into new opportunities for growth and progress. We are a company with strong roots in the energy sector and we have an open strategy that is geared towards digitalization, sustainability and innovation. 

The circular economy: the connecting theme at our display

We’re showcasing technological solutions that are all about eco-design, with a focus on renewable energies and recyclable materials. Find out more about the sustainable innovation of Enel X: a circular laboratory in continuous evolution.

Let’s charge up the international showcase of innovation

The Consumer Electronics Show is a global stage for innovators, one of the world's longest-running trade shows. For the first time, Enel X will be present with a stand in the Enel Group section. It is located in the heart of the Exhibition Centre.

Our e-Mobility solutions for Italy

Find out more about our e-Mobility charging services and stations in Italy



Our advanced solution for home charging: designed to ensure fast and safe charging, it is now available in a new version with an elegant and innovative design



This is our outdoor charging solution, designed to be located in an urban environment for public use, at strategic mobility locations or in company car parks.



This is our fast charging solution that is paving the way for electric mobility outside the city, bringing it within reach of everyone

JuiceLamp Mini

JuiceLamp Mini

It is our integrated solution for public administrations, companies and privates: a small led lamp with reduced dimensions, which has the dual function of lighting and charging infrastructure.

CES will house the smart home, thanks to Homix, the smart thermostat with Alexa built-in

The new Smart Home system for managing heating, home security and lighting is available in Amazon's online stores and through Enel X’s and Endesa Energia’s sales channels.

Infinite functionalites for tomorrow's home
Homix isn’t just another smart thermostat, but is a full and modular smart home solution: heating, security, lighting…with much more to come.
A truly Smart Home
Homix is able to learn family routines and react autonomously to make homes more comfortable and sustainable
Alexa built-in
Alexa is integrated into Homix. Ask her to play music, set alarms, manage your Smart Home and more
The Smart Home for everybody
Homix aims to make technology and its benefits accessible to everybody. 
E2E Ecosystem
A complete smart home platform ecosystem which enables you to focus on providing your customers with the best experience

Smart City and Circular Economy

Not only can we offer cities and towns efficient street lighting, we also have a broad range of innovative services. We are the largest Italian ESCO, operating in over 3,000 municipalities.

Enel X makes the circular city one of the main pillars on which its new offer is shaped. It does so with a twofold commitment. On the one hand, we put our own solutions, which are proposed in the new portfolio, under the circular economy microscope, and then we analyse them according to the five principles of the circularity model. On the other hand, we provide local government organisations with hands-on support on their journey towards circularity by offering an evaluation tool for the areas that require improvement.

Our Products

Find out more informations on our solutions

City Analytics

City Analytics

The Enel X solution that enables services to be planned based on actual demand through the systematic collection, processing and analysis of Big Data



A lamppost that combines the latest-generation public lighting and two e-vehicle charging points.

Energy as a Service and the Circular Economy

Demand Response and Storage focus on two of the five keystones of the circular economy that form the foundation of Enel X’s business model. These are sustainable inputs and platform sharing.

Regarding sustainable inputs, Demand Response and Energy Storage manage the unpredictable and intermittent nature of renewable energy, boosting its integration into the grid, guaranteeing the flexibility and reliability of the latter. In critical moments when energy requirements outstrip generation, Demand Response adjusts demand rather than the supply. As a result, customers can share their reserve capacity and make it available to the grid. Multiple Energy Storage Systems can be put together to create a virtual power plant able to supply flexibility to the grid. 

Our Products

Find out more informations on our solutions

Demand Response

Demand Response

Enel X offers an innovative service called Demand Response which enables commercial and industrial consumers to access the dispatching services market (MSD, or “Mercato Servizi Dispacciamento”) by modulating their own energy consumption.

Photovoltaic and Storage

Photovoltaic and Storage

Enel X helps companies identify of the most suitable solutions to rationalise their energy needs

Italian excellence on display

We give space to innovation by the best startups in Italy also thanks to Open Innovability platform

Enel X and Es’givien, beautiful and sustainable fashion thanks to the circular economy model

The circular economy was at the top of the agenda at the first edition of #ilfashionbelloebuono held in Florence. Enel X demonstrated how it used its Circularity Report to make designer fashion house Es’givien even more efficient and sustainable

Enel X’s circular economy model takes centre stage at EXCO 2019

The circular economy at EXCO 2019. Enel X presented its model for accelerating the circular economy and, with the Enel X Report, awarded accolades to seven companies in the category of “Best Performer of the Circular Economy 2019”

Start up/Light up: a competition to innovate lighting

AIDI - Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione (the Italian Lighting Association), of which Enel X is a member, has launched a competition for innovative projects related to lighting, home automation and the smart city.

Boston: innovation turned up to ten

Our Group has opened its tenth Innovation Hub in one of the world’s most stimulating technology ecosystems. In the words of Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, Boston is a “A city with a talent for continuous transformation”

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