Utility Bill Management (UBM)

Utility Bill Management (UBM)

Optimise time and resources with a smart bill management platform

Centrally manage your company’s utility bills (electricity, gas, water, waste and others) through a technology platform with specialised consultants and insights about the operation, even when distributed across multiple sites.

Real insights, reduced costs, reliable data

Every utility bill your company pays offers an opportunity to evaluate and increase the efficiency of the operational performance of every site for that month.

Managing all monthly bills is a challenge for companies of all sizes and segments and it is especially complex for those with operations distributed across multiple sites.

How the organisation approaches its utility bills - recording the amounts, payment, processing and data analysis - has a significant impact on its operational expenses, productivity and sustainability performance. Sorting out incorrect charges can also be difficult and cost the company more money the longer they go unnoticed.

Enel X offers a complete utility bill management solution to pay and process your bills on time, eliminate incorrect charges, recover tax credits and offer easy access to the necessary data for creating detailed reports, reaching more advanced levels and efficiency across the company.

Manage centrally

Visualise in one location the cost and consumption of multiple consumers units within your company.

Optimise your operational efficiency

Your team will have the opportunity to focus on operational improvements instead of wasting time processing and paying bills, avoiding processing errors.

Automate payments

Ensure bills are paid on the right date, avoiding fines for late payment and interest.

Reduce costs

Identify cost generators, eliminate incorrect charges, fix billing errors and allow your company to avoid extra payments.

Make decisions with real information

Enel X’s platform ensures precise and easily accessible data for decision-making, contributing to the prioritisation of projects, budgets and the optimisation of consumer units.

Reach your sustainability goals

Collect, monitor and report the correct data for your company’s sustainability programme. Convert energy, water and other utility data into CO2 and other units and key performance indicators.

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