Third Party Billing

Third Party Billing


Expand your customer base and have a more practical and efficient billing system.

  • Have compliance of up to 97% in the payment of bills.
  • Optimise your company’s accounting and post-sale system.
  • Offer convenience in payment methods to your customers.

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Sales Channel Management

Connect your company to up to 14 million customers of the energy distributors’ products and services.

Customer and assured portfolio management

Our customer portfolio has more than 600,000 assured clients from several companies.

Collection through the energy bill

Try using the energy bill as a new charging method.

Our clients share the advantages of our services

More ease

“One of the biggest advantages is charging through the energy bill, because this way customers without bank accounts or credit cards can buy the insurance.” (Márcia Silva, Tokio Marine)

Enel X partnership

“The brand association is important to give credibility to the customers, in addition to increased capillarity and predictability of receipts.” (Narcelio Farias, Odonto System)

More safety

“With safety and agility in our customers’ information in relation to the payment of their bills, we avoid service denial.” (Wlady, Sudamerica)

More compliance

“The improvement of control tools and customer billing management are essential for good compliance. And with quality, Enel X enables ever more surprising numbers.” (Ramon, Cartão de Todos)

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