Efficient management service

Efficient management service


Manage your company’s energy bills with specialised consultants via a complete and innovative digital platform



Digital intelligence and efficient energy management


Digital Platform

Personalised information management with transparency and visibility over the energy bills’ data

Proactive Management

Centralised management with important indicators for your business

Specialised Consultancy

Specialist professionals that are always available to manage energy efficiently.

Consumption optimisation

Identifying opportunities for reducing energy costs

Efficiency and high performance in energy management for companies:

Companies’ energy bills management (CE, RJ and GO)

Billing history, creation of alerts, graphs, personalised and comparative reports by unit

Representation before the distributor for requests, evaluation and definition of the best tariff framework

Elimination of unnecessary expenses with fines for exceeding demand or overcontracting

Reactive optimisation of energy consumption

Other products for businesses

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Use energy in a correct and reponsible way, improving the quality of processes and preserving the comfort of employees.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Produce clean and renewable energy, bringing savings to your company’s energy consumption.

Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

Always have a company by your side looking after your energy. Optimise your electrical installation and increase your gains.