Energy Management

Energy Management

Monitor in real time your company’s energy consumption and reduce costs through a smart management system


Visibility, production chain management, reduced costs


A complete summary of a company's energy landscape, an important factor affecting all business sectors, and ensuring consistent visibility into energy performance trends across all units can certainly help customers identify the most efficient and effective actions for substantial energy optimisation.

It is in this context that Enel X offers Energy Management: a system for monitoring energy consumption in real time, designed to collect, analyse and compare data related to energy use in terms of consumption, costs and other variables. Combined with the consultancy service, the solution provides full visibility of the energy and detects points of waste, supporting the implementation of an energy efficiency plan.


The tool’s multiple functions


  • Descriptive: visualization of energy consumption throughout the day by site/location or portfolio and comparison of various industrial sites using standard and customised performance indicators. A wide selection of adjustable panels to monitor important information that can be fully customised in just a few steps.

  • Predictive: calculation and visualisation of consumption and cost forecasts.

  • Analytical: generation of reference analysis from the collected data, offering monthly information for energy optimisation and suggestions for solutions to increase energy efficiency and cost reductions.

  • Reporting: creation of personalised reports for specific purposes, such as control of energy expenses, consumption variation and improvements in sustainability, and personalised configuration of alerts, by email or SMS, which warn in case of unexpected consumption, deviation from a predefined control range, violation of a critical limit or interrupted signal. 





Enel X customises reports according to the needs, peculiarities and size of the company.


Through energy efficiency guidelines and standards, optimise the full energy use potential of the industrial site, store or building.


View all energy consumption and cost data throughout the day.


By receiving alerts on wasted energy, adopt savings measures more quickly before closing your energy bill.


Identify waste points with maximum efficiency. 


Access information on the main performance indicators, construction and monitoring of energy efficiency projects and achieve specific goals of optimisation, economy and sustainability.


Access accurate data on energy efficiency in the case of audits and for the production of sustainability reports. 


Compare performance and power consumption across multiple industrial sites, stores or buildings within the same company using custom KPIs.

Therefore, the implementation of Energy Management helps to understand the consumption profile of consumer units, facilitating the decision-making process, and in establishing energy efficiency guidelines and standards, together with the alert system to improve the performance of the sites.


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