Energy Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure


Always have a company by your side looking after your energy. Optimise your electrical installation and increase your gains.

Choose Enel X to solve your energy needs

  • Bring stability to the electrical system’s operation.
  • Have a bespoke project according to your needs.
  • Ensure maximum efficiency and results.

A trustworthy team is a guarantee of success for your business:

  • Requirement of safety certifications for all companies involved in the building works.
  • Specialised engineering team to ensure efficiency.
  • Expertise on the concessionaires’ regulations and processes with more agile solutions.
  • Convenience through flexibility in the project stages at competitive prices.

We offer complete solutions in several segments

Distribution Grid

We plan and build electrical grids within the standards required by energy concessionaires.


We plan and build medium- and high-voltage substations, pole-mounted or indoor.

Armoured Cubicles

Safe, versatile and easy to operate, they bring more safety and reliability for electrical installations. 

Compact Panels

They take up little space and are completely modular, in case there is a need for expansion.


We build and operate conventional and ornamental lighting parks, in partnership with several bulb and lamp manufacturers.

NR10 Certification

We assist your company with strategic actions to achieve certification, which ensures the reliability and safety of the business.

Enel X acts with excellence across all links of the chain

  • Creation of the technical project
  • Approval from the distributor
  • Materials management
  • Management and execution of the works

Other products for businesses

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Use energy in a correct and reponsible way, improving the quality of processes and preserving the comfort of employees.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Produce clean and renewable energy, bringing savings to your company’s energy consumption.

Efficient management service

Efficient management service

Manage your company’s energy bills with specialised consultants via a complete and innovative digital platform