Less Risk. More Reward.

Less Risk. More Reward.

Protect your operations and secure new revenue with your backup generator

Benefits to your business

With no cost to your business, your backup generator can participate in Enel X's flexibility program and provide immediate financial returns.

Enel X actively manages the end-to-end implementation of the project, funding all participation costs. We provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring, minimising the time investment of your staff.

Counter rising energy costs with a new revenue stream, where you earn payments from using your backup generator in the energy market.

We are retailer agnostic which means you can switch to any retailer at any time and still get the full value of flexibility.

By using your generator for flexibility you'll increase its reliability. We can fund upgrades to ensure your assets are running properly and easily enrolled in demand response programs.

In addition, damage or faults are more likely to be detected while you still have grid power, which reduces the risk of malfunction during a true grid emergency.

Manufacturers advise that backup generators should be tested periodically under load to increase engine lifetime and reduce operational risk.Participating in our programs means your generator will be tested frequently under your site’s load, removing the need to purchase load banks for testing requirements.

To further support your business, we provide advance notice of irregular grid conditions from the National Electricity Market of Singapore to ensure you are prepared.

Have a question or want to know more? Get in touch with our team at info.enelxsg@enel.com.

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