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What is the Interruptible Load program?

Singapore’s Demand Response program is called Interruptible Load (IL), and was introduced by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to allow Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) to offer Demand Response to the market. We help businesses earn a new revenue stream by offering their load flexibility to the power grid. Participate and you can reduce your cost of energy while providing important support to Singapore’s decarbonisation plans.

How does it work?


Grid need

The IL program is designed to arrest a fall in the power grid's frequency and to restore it to within its normal operating range. This can happen if there is an outage or trip of a power generation facility, or in the rare case of a transmission outage. EMA then notifies the aggregator of the need for dispatchable capacity to support the system.

VPP is called

Enel X’s VPP is called on. We aggregate our customers' energy load or distributed energy assets made up of onsite equipment, backup generation assets, and BESS across businesses in Singapore. We offer our portfolio’s capacity to help keep the lights on.  

Customer responds

Customers across Singapore either switch to backup power sources (BESS, backup generation) or reduce or modify energy usage when called on. This makes their power flexibility available to the grid operator, by implementing power reduction plans (manually or automatically). The load reduction is used by the network operator to restore the demand and supply imbalance in the system.

Earn regular payments

Customers receive regular payments for both their availability to provide the service, and for when their power is provided to support the grid.  

Advance Singapore's renewable future

DR provides additional, dispatchable capacity to support the grid. This new capacity is essential to supporting the renewable energy transition, because dispatchable resources help to integrate variable renewable energy sources onto the grid.  
Taiwan power flexibility

Our offering

We extract businesses the most value from Demand Response, by selling it against utility assets in the energy markets.


While valuable, the IL program requires dedicated expertise. Requirements include: licensing, training and 24/7 operator availability, dedicated data connections and platform integration, market bidding and dispatch procedures, and detailed performance measurement and compliance rules.


The market is evolving with more products expected to launch in future, so businesses need an experienced VPP and platform solution provider to adjust to market changes without facing financial risks. We offer a turnkey service that manages all aspects of Demand Response participation.


Our services

Our market-leading and comprehensive service offering includes:

  • Technical and operational DR evaluation
  • Revenue planning and business case
  • Metering and controls (at our expense)
  • Connection to our VPP platform
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center bidding and dispatch management
  • Trading and co-optimisation of DR value
  • Market compliance and risk management
  • User web interface with analytics and visualization tools

Why Enel X?


We are the global market leader

Businesses trust our proven track record as the market leader. Enel X manages the largest world’s largest C&I VPP, with 8.2 GW of Demand Response offered. Our ambition is to grow this to 10.6 GW by 2023. More than 15,000 global enterprises are doing Demand Response with us across 11 countries today.

Global innovation, local execution

We bring our global leading platforms to local markets. We unlock new opportunities to decarbonize, digitalize and electrify your energy use in ways that will help grow your business.


We manage 751 MW of Battery Energy Storage installed capacity (BTM, FTM, Enel Plants)  globally today. We are also growing our world-leading electric mobility footprint, evolving from 230,000 charging points to 780,000 in the next two years.


Future potential

We see great opportunity for growth and value creation in Singapore’s market beyond Demand Response. As Singapores's energy market evolves, so too will our solutions across battery storage, electrification of transportation and vehicle-to-grid technology, and more.