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Singapore’s energy transition is accelerating

The evidence of climate change is accelerating - global warming could exceed the 1.5°C threshold by the early 2030s, a decade earlier than anticipated just three years ago (IPCC, 2021). Singapore’s renewable transformation is also accelerating, with new renewable generation resources and the retirement of coal, but we can’t build (enough) renewables if we can’t balance them.

Virtual Power Plants that provide Demand Response services are one of the most promising options available to support intermittent renewable power. Enel X is the market leader in this space, and we offer a comprehensive service through our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform that helps businesses maximise earnings potential.  

Singapore’s 4 Switches

Singapore’s energy sector is facing new challenges from climate change. As part of the nation’s movement towards greater sustainability, the government has come up with 4 Switches to guide Singapore's energy future. Enel X's VPP can protect the grid across two of the four areas of focus: Solar energy - as Singapore moves towards ~2 gigawatt-peak of solar energy by 2030, VPP resources are needed to balance the grid. Second, Singapore is exploring the potential of being plugged into a regional power grid, which will allow the country to further diversify its energy mix. Regional power grids require significantly more reserves to manage interconnection risks, which our VPP can provide.

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Virtual Power Plants

Virtual Power Plants and Demand Response

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a collection of distributed energy assets including batteries, generators and onsite equipment that are aggregated to support the grid with dispatchable capacity. The VPP aggregates these assets to participate in Demand Response programs. Businesses contribute their capacity by being flexible with when they use grid power. They do this by either powering down or switching to backup power sources in response to a grid signal. This enables more efficient use of energy infrastructure, while helping to guarantee power quality and grid security.

Solving the energy trilemma

VPPs help to solve the energy trilemma – finding energy that is clean, reliable and affordable. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) reported that enabling flexible demand reduces the cost of decarbonisation. VPPs makes secondary use of existing assets without building new, expensive and high emitting generation plants. As Singapore’s 4 Switches are turned on, VPP capacity is urgently needed to balance solar generation and to support the regional power grid with reserves, to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy for everyone.

Electric Mobility

Solutions across the energy transition

Leveraging our VPP platform, we offer a unique perspective on energy markets, and we make new opportunities happen. We develop battery energy storage systems (BESS) at customer sites and our DER.OS optimisation engine operates them in real-time for maximum value-capture. In the electric mobility space we offer hardware, software, and energy devices to help customers electrify fleets or offer EV charging stations. We also offer unique options for meeting renewable energy targets, coupled with a risk management platform to help manage costs in a volatile market.

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