Power flexibility

Power flexibility

To stay competitive, businesses need to think differently about how they power their operations

Benefits of power flexibility

Receive payments for reducing grid consumption by either switching to backup generation or making temporary adjustments to equipment.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) works constantly to balance the electricity grid. When the frequency drops below 50 Hz, EMA calls upon Enel X's portfolio of customers to reduce their energy usage

When pricing is high our customers use power flexibility to offer energy into the market. This puts downwards pressure on wholesale electricity pricing for all consumers.

With more intermittent renewables, the grid needs an instantaneous response when supply fluctuates in order to maintain grid frequency. Quickly reducing your grid consumption when called on is an effective solution and essential in enabling more renewable power. 

How a power flexibility event occurs

Power flexibility is triggered by a grid need or price signal, when there’s not enough supply to meet demand.

That trigger is then activated by automated controls or manually by our network operations centre. Flexible businesses can choose to either:

  • Make temporary adjustments to equipment electricity usage, like pumps, chillers or compressors
  • Switch energy use from the grid to on-site power sources, like back-up generators or battery storage

Once the grid need has passed, businesses return to normal power consumption.

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