What is an ESCo company and how does it operate?

As specified in Italian Legislative Decree 115/2008, an Energy Service Company (ESCo) provides services intended to generate energy savings and increased efficiency in energy-using facilities.

The UNI CEI 11352 standards identify the minimum levels of technical and financial competence required of an ESCo, which can obtain the relevant certification if it fulfils the necessary requisites.

ESCos can help public administrations achieve energy efficiency targets in diverse sectors, such as public lighting and energy consumption in public buildings, and also through public-private partnerships as outlined in the Public Contracts Code (Legislative decree 50/2016), which could help reduce the costs to the public finances.

Such scenarios involve the institute of project finance, through which the ESCos, of their own volition, can present public administrations with proposals for measures intended to enhance energy efficiency of industrial facilities or public buildings, assuming the risk involved in the investment.

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