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Driving to the future

Millions of drivers are embracing electric vehicles and it’s clear to see why. An EV does not pollute, can be easily recharged, saves you money on both fuel and servicing costs, and can be used in restricted traffic areas. Enel X are facilitating this transition to electric mobility with a range of residential and commercial charging solutions to provide a seamless EV driving experience.

The smarter way to charge your car at home

The smarter way to charge your car at home The Enel X JuiceBox family of residential EV charging stations are a smart and simple solution for your domestic needs and lifestyle. Compatible with all electric vehicles with Type 2 sockets, the Juicebox family of chargers can be installed both indoors and outdoors and can be easily controlled via our smart charging software platform.

Control your electric car charger — anywhere, anytime

JuicePass is the free Enel X smartphone app for EV charging worldwide. As a single touchpoint for all Enel X charging services it allows you to access both public and workplace charging stations as well as providing full remote control of your Juicebox home charger.