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What is it?

Enel X JuiceBox is a technological, digital and tailor-made solution designed for your domestic needs and lifestyle. Our family of electric vehicle chargers - JuiceBox, JuiceBox Plus and JuiceBox Pro - come with different configurations for power, socket and connectivity. Connected to Enel X’s charging software platform, JuiceBox provides access to a wide range of smart functionalities. Access all features directly from your smartphone with the JuicePass app; from remote management of your station to charging optimization - anywhere, anytime.

Did you know?

Claim a €900 subsidy for your JuiceBox Plus

JuiceBoxPlus (11 kW model) is eligible for the KfW440 program. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure’s KfW440 program offers a grant of €900 towards the purchase and installation of charging stations in privately used parking spaces in residential buildings.


Who is eligible: Homeowners, homeowners’ associations, tenants and landlords. This grant is not available for charging stations for commercial use. Full details including terms and conditions


JuicePass is the free Enel X app for EV charging worldwide. As a single touchpoint for all Enel X charging services, it allows you to access home, workplace and more than 118,000 public charging points across Europe. 

JuiceBox Pro

***COMING SOON*** JuiceBox Pro is ready for Load Optimization Pro. This new software adapts the charging station’s power level based on the electrical consumption of other energy loads on the same circuit, ensuring your EV is charged at the maximum available power level.

Made with a 100% recycled case

JuiceBox Plus and JuiceBox Pro are designed to fit our corporate vision for sustainability. With a 100% recycled case, both models can also be recycled at the end of their useful life.


In 2020, 60 tons of plastic waste were used to manufacture 30,000 JuiceBoxes.


Additional sustainability is provided by JuiceBox Pro’s ability to adapt its output to the available power on the meter makes more efficient use of energy and improves energy capacity for the grid. Features like these are part of The Enel X Circular Economy Boosting Program, a company-wide approach to assess and increase both the level of circularity in our solutions portfolio and our clients’ Circular Economy maturity. The Boosting Program identifies new technologies, business models and innovations that can be applied and integrated within portfolios, projects and processes.

All products mentioned above are offered by JuiceNet GmbH.