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What is it?

Energy supply management is the cornerstone of any low-carbon energy strategy. Our Global Energy Advisory team evaluates your goals and formulates an appropriate go-to- market strategy that includes procurement, budgeting, risk managment and emissions reporting,

How does it work?


We help you to define energy purchasing strategies, considering your business objectives and market opportunities, as well as identifying the best electricity and gas offers.

Risk Management

We help you manage market and budget risks (price and volume) by monitoring indicators such as open position, mark-to-market and value at risk, in addition to legal and regulatory risks.

Budgeting and Forecasting

We help you to plan annual energy budgets at an individual site level by aligning them with the previously defined risk management strategy.

Cost Prioritisation

We help you to understand energy cost drivers in detail, analysing billing data to identify possible opportunities, such as energy efficiency projects or distributed generation and optimising rates.

Sustainability Advisory

We assist you in developing and pursuing your sustainability energy strategy, in alignment with corporate objectives and market opportunities, monitoring historical and expected CO2 emissions, promoting the use of renewable energy, negotiating PPA and solutions for reducing emissions, and improving the circularity of your business.

Circular economy reporting

Evaluate your company’s sustainability with our Circular Economy Report. This measurement tool identifies your level of circularity and proposes a roadmap of innovative solutions to increase it.