Leading the global energy transformation

As the world of energy changes new opportunities appear. We make them a reality for anyone, anywhere.


Our commitment

We are a company with very solid roots in the energy sector and a strategy aimed at innovation, sustainability and digitalisation. We offer smart, fast and intuitive technologies to allow our customers to live and manage their businesses in a simpler and more sustainable way.

Our vision

The ways that we use energy today open up opportunities for people, businesses and cities. Enel X aims to offer the support needed for people to live in a smarter, more sustainable way through innovative and scalable solutions that respond to their ever-changing needs. We are making the complex simple and creating opportunities for growth and progress for everyone, everywhere.

Our mission

Our mission is to find, feed, fuse and fine-tune smart, innovative technology and services to help people, businesses and cities to use energy in more sustainable ways, creating new value not just in financial terms, but for society as a whole. As catalysts for change, we believe that we can empower people to collaborate, share, explore and excel in the new energy economy.

Our business

Enel X is the global business line of Enel Group, combining its own progressive, future-oriented approach with the financial solidity and worldwide reach of the Group. With an open and innovative ecosystem of energy solutions, we are accelerators of electrification and decarbonisation, leading the global energy transition. Our presence extends from Europe to Oceania in 19 countries, as well as commerical developments in nine more.

Enel X in the UK

Enel X has been present in the UK since 2009 through acquired companies EnerNOC and eMotorWerks. Our local offering focuses on business energy solutions, creating new value from sustainability, flexibility and electric mobility.