EV Charging at Home

Smart charging stations elevate your EV experience, so you can save the planet while saving money.

people using JuiceBox home EV charger

JuiceBox EV Charging Stations

Welcome to your latest smart home device: the JuiceBox home EV charging station. Intelligent, networked, clean.

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JuiceEco Energy Certificates

JuiceEco matches your EV’s energy consumption with Green-e Certified RECs, making every mile green.

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JuiceNet Green Software

AI-driven software helps you charge cleaner by shifting EV charging to times of maximum renewables production.

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JuicePoints Rewards

Earn cash rewards by optimizing your EV charging schedule for the cleanest power at the best price.

Enel X EV charging product lineup

Product Finder

Let Enel X put you in the driver’s seat with the right EV charging station, software, and programs for you.