About us

Enel X is a global company leading the transformation of the energy sector. We want to help our customers transform energy into new opportunities to drive progress around the world. We have a history in energy and a work strategy based on the values of digitalization, sustainability and innovation. We use new technologies for our customers to discover a new way to use energy.

Enel X Argentina

In Argentina, Enel X works on the development of four fields that contribute to improving people´s lives, and their communities: e-City, e-Home, e-Industries and e-Mobility.

We provide services to people and companies that want to gain control of their energy costs, mitigate operational risks, and make the performance of their operations more efficient. Enel X provides intelligence to support your decision-making system.

We also bring solutions to service companies that are facing the energetic and digital transition, providing answers to all of its questions.

Circular economy

A modern energy model must be guided by sustainability and innovation. The circular economy is a key factor to design energy services that face the challenges of the future. We believe in renewable energies and recycled materials to move forward the current transition from a linear economy model to a circular one, with sustainable designs that propose solutions focused on the repair and recycling of all the materials used.