We illuminate the headquarters of the distributor Edesur

We illuminate the headquarters of the distributor Edesur

For the celebrations for May 25, 1810, we illuminated the central building of our distributor Edesur, with the light blue and white colors of the National Flag, and green, white and red of the Italian Flag, to recognize the impetus of all those who they strive to get ahead and pay tribute to those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tribute to the Homeland included the live performance of "Salve Argentina" by the voice of the well-known Argentine singer Fabian Cantilo.

The headquarters located in San José and Alsina (Federal Capital) is a historical heritage, also known as Palacio Valsecchi. Its construction ended in 1924 and was designed by the Italian architect Mario Palanti, the same author as the Barolo Palace.

On this important date, energy is what illuminates the Homeland and the hope of the Argentines.

We celebrate the energy of all of us who strive to get ahead!