Intelligent Management System for uruguayan public transport

Intelligent Management System for uruguayan public transport

Electric buses already circulate in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The first phase of public mobility has recently started in the Uruguayan capital, which includes putting the first vehicles into circulation.

To guarantee its optimal operation, Enel X Argentina is installing in 20 of these buses an intelligent management system, which allows the technical and operational conditions of the batteries to be monitored in real time, and also to anticipate the recharging conditions for their subsequent maintenance.

The software also allows recharging at times when energy is most economical and provides data, through an interface, to the management systems of the Uruguayan Transport Company Collective Sociedad Anónima (Cutcsa).

The information is essential for the transport company since each bus is managed as an individual business unit. The fact that it provides data on how, when and how much each vehicle has recharged makes the tool an ideal solution.

In the coming days, the Enel X Argentina team will complete the testing phase of this software, with which it will be permanently implemented.