Enel X’s purple glow lights up Argentina’s streets

Enel X’s purple glow lights up Argentina’s streets

A new light has gone on in Argentina where Enel X’s purple glow is bringing LED energy efficiency to public lighting. Our digital innovation in South America previously upgraded street lighting in various Colombian and Chilean cities but now it has come to Argentina; specifically to Berazategui, in the province of Buenos Aires.

The Enel X e-City team is already hard at work on a Smart Lighting project that will provide the Argentinian municipality with “freshly lit” streets, thanks to 1,000 ultra-high efficiency LEDlights which have been set up to incorporate a remote control solution. The initiative draws on a specific business model designed to encourage the development of smart lighting and foster its spread.

This project is one of the very first in Argentina to focus on developing Smart Lighting and, in the short term, will also involve the installation of further similar infrastructure. Economic and environmentally-compatible smart lighting is, of course, also a brilliant way of showcasing a town’s well-being.