Fighting and committed women

Fighting and committed women

Within the framework of International Women's Day, Enel X Argentina illuminates the headquarters of our distributor Edesur, in recognition of the value and contribution that all women make to our company and to all companies in the world.

On this occasion we want to make visible the role of Marisa, who leads the work of crews in the Quilmes-Avellaneda area of ​​our distributor Edesur, and who plays a position that has traditionally been occupied by men.

Edesur's board of directors has also been recognized for its high composition of women in different events for Women's Day, one of them being held annually by the National Securities Commission simultaneously with different stock exchanges around the world, supported and promoted by the United Nations Organization.

The Enel X Argentina team has a significant composition of women, who day by day demonstrate their commitment in the work they carry out. In the Enel group in Argentina there is a significant percentage of women in different positions, who from their experience and knowledge add immeasurable value to the company. Although we are an energy company, in which men traditionally work every day, the number of women within our workforce is greater, both in administrative positions and in the field.

It is worth noting that in order to achieve equity, many habits were changed and today women have an active role. Every March 8 this fight is commemorated and we unite more to continue demanding equality among all and for all.

Why is it celebrated on March 8?
Women's Day is commemorated every March 8 around the world, after a momentous event that took place in 1908: 129 women died in a fire at the Cotton factory in New York, United States, after they declared themselves on strike with permanence in their workplace.

These women demanded a reduction of the working day to 10 hours for the same salary received by men who did the same activities and also to improve working conditions. Instead of listening to them, the factory owner ordered the doors of the building to be closed so that the women would desist and leave the place. But it ended in tragedy, the workers died in the fire. In May of that same

In 1977, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) officially designated March 8 as International Women's Day and today, this date is used to make visible the requests for gender equality and fight so that women are increasingly empowered.