Enel X brings remote management of luminaires to Mendoza

Enel X brings remote management of luminaires to Mendoza

A new action to contribute to energy efficiency in the municipality of Godoy Cruz, province of Mendoza, launched the Enel X team after installing remote management equipment that allows the status and operation of the lights to be monitored and controlled in real time.

The project in its pilot phase included the placement of 8 individual computers and 35 per group, associated with control boards, which receive and send information to a cloud management platform.

From this platform or software it is possible to dim the lamps, activate or deactivate on and off policies, identify malfunctions, all with the aim of working to save energy.

"With this system you not only optimize energy efficiency and maintenance of luminaires, but also allows traceability of incidents with luminaires, with which you can have KPIs on maintenance providers", indicated Luciano Imperiale from Enel X Argentina.

For now, the equipment is installed in the vicinity of the main square of Godoy Cruz. Later, they will spread to other areas.

In this way, Enel X Argentina continues to expand lighting projects throughout the country, thus contributing to the sustainable development goals (SDG) that the countries have proposed for 2030 and in accordance with the group's goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

It is worth remembering that in 2015 Fortune magazine placed the Enel group in fifth place among the 50 companies capable of changing the world.