Pole Station 3G

Pole Station 3G

An efficient solution to charge vehicles in public spaces.

The Pole Station 3G is a complete station for the charging management of electric vehicles, cars or scooters, using the charger on the vehicle.

This is the perfect solution for public sector users:

  • Easy to control through the RFID card
  • Provides tracking of the charging session.
  • Includes an intuitive interface to provide status information about the Wh consumption.

The user can access the service in three simple steps:

  1. Identify the service through a RFID smart card (wireless)
  2. Connect the cable and start charging.
  3. Once the charging process is completed, the remote center acquires the consumption data of the charging session.

Expected use:

Public or private access areas of government offices, public buildings, plazas or parking lots of government dependencies.

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