Wallbox 3G

Wallbox 3G

For those individuals who own electric cars, Enel X Argentina has developed recharging facilities for domestic use: the house is the main charging point where the electric car can be charged during prolonged stays, especially during the night.

Our solutions for domestic charging are within the Wallbox category: charging stations designed to guarantee the charging of the electric car as well as maximum security.

Charging through Wallbox offers great features, such as remote programming or other needs, real-time information on the status of the charging session, allowing customers to track consumption and optimize charging according to each need.

Other products for individuals

JuiceBox Pro40

JuiceBox Pro40

A leading charging solution in the market. It is a compact, high power, fully reinforced EVSE and WiFi equipment.

Learn everything there is to know about electric mobility

The electric vehicle is the future of the mobility in countries and cities, while, for some people it is already a reality incorporated into its routine, there are still many people with doubts and concerns about this new technology.

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