A leading charging solution in the market. It is a compact, high power, fully reinforced EVSE and WiFi equipment. It will automatically adjust to your EV and produce the same power that your EV can accept.

The JuiceBox is an excellent solution for government administrators who want to provide a fast charging service for electric vehicles in public buildings and spaces.

Support for authorized users

Set up your EVSE fleet for use only by authorized users, to be charged only at specific times and to certain maximum levels.

Billing/measurement data

All billing information (per hour, or per session) is available to the administrator for billing and supervision purposes. Access the data through the web portal and mobile portal.


Automatic charging balancing ensures that you can add new charging stations in the future to existing electrical circuits.

Flexible installation

JuiceBox is designed to be highly flexible for its installation (wiring, wall mounting or pedestal).

Strong industrial design

JuiceBox uses solid metal covers and strong cables and plugs, which makes it durable and reliable.

Attractive design

The LED indicator lights show the status of the power, WiFi connectivity and the state of charge.

Mobile and intelligent control

You can monitor the charging time and control the immediate power, amperage and more.

Easy access

Get access to your historical charging information in real time from the web or through applications for Android or iOS.


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The electric vehicle is the future of the mobility in countries and cities, while, for some people it is already a reality incorporated into its routine, there are still many people with doubts and concerns about this new technology.

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