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We encompass all of the phases of our business, including Procurement, i.e. the purchase of goods and services from our suppliers.
We have the ambition to maximize value creation in its various forms - security, savings, timing, quality, performance, revenue, flexibility, cash flow, risk reduction - and improve end-to-end stakeholder experience.
We apply at each stage of the value chain our values: efficiency, ethics, transparency and sustainability, we also ask all of our Suppliers, in full respect of the value of each individual activity, to adhere to the highest ethical standards that apply to all of our activities as expressed in the Enel Group’s Code of Ethics.
We interact each day with businesses of every type: from big globally established companies to enthusiastic emerging startups, the most advanced research laboratories to talented communications agencies, from technical specialists to service providers. Dealing with this large supply chain is the Global e-Solutions Procurement division.
Global e-Solutions Procurement is the gateway to our services for commercial partners. In order to fulfil this role as efficiently as possible, we have chosen to use an agile organisational structure with units dedicated to each business line in such a way as to be able to respond rapidly to business requirements and any sudden variations and evolutions to them.
We consider suppliers to be crucial to our success and we are ready to work with innovative partners that are reliable and proactive. For this reason the Global e-Solutions Procurement Unit has been created in order to work alongside the four units dedicated to the Group’s different Global Business Lines (Infrastructure and Networks, Renewable Energies, Thermal Generation, ICT).

The Procurement team plays a fundamental role in the identification of the most appropriate and useful solutions to meet customers’ needs. Our strategy is designed to achieve these objectives through:

  • the use of the best and the most innovative technology
  • the excellence of the Supply Chain
  • the construction of a trust relationship with our suppliers
  • a flexible and open approach to adapt to the rapid changes in the scenario
  • the integration of diverse business requirements.

The Supplier plays a strategic and decisive role in creating and maximizing value, and we want him involved from the moment of need, listening to his proposals and developing innovative approaches together.

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