Our business

Our business wants to offer a platform of energy-related services. We want to be a factory of innovative solutions born from a completely new and ever-changing perspective of energy

Energy Cloud Platform

To give energy new forms, empowering our customers and helping them shape new experiences and new, smarter, more sustainable uses.

Our job is to seek effective solutions every day to enable people to benefit from a growing number of simple and fast tools to transform energy into services.

Our goal is to break down the boundaries between energy and services, creating integrated and rapid solutions for people, cities and businesses.

Our business aims to provide a platform of energy-related services, a factory producing innovative solutions born from a completely new and ever-changing perspective of energy.

An open and flexible platform, with the aim of generating a system capable of connecting urban ecosystems, industrial districts and production chains, transport requirements and individuals.

Connections that take different forms: distribution systems and energy storage batteries, smart lighting solutions and low-consumption LEDs, electric mobility and fast charging services, instruments for smart energy and equipment management in homes, buildings and cities, and software to control energy exchange in distributed self-generation systems (Demand Management & Response).

Through these solutions, we want to generate new value, listening to our customers, and looking further and further ahead to understand and anticipate the needs of companies to help make them more competitive, of cities to guide them through sustainable growth, and of every individual to improve quality of life at home and in every day activities. 

Enel X covers a global field of action

In order to provide the new solutions requested by customers and to be ready for the future, we have decided to structure the business line into four Global Product Lines:

e-Industries, offering solutions aimed at sizeable customers, with a particular focus on flexible services (consulting services, technologies linked to energy efficiency, distributed generation and the creation of off-grid and Demand Response solutions);
e-Mobility, covering every type of customer, with the aim of becoming the technological leader in the sector and to promote increasingly widespread and efficient electrical mobility with charging infrastructures, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and second battery life services;
e-Home, dedicated to residential customers, with services like installation and maintenance of advanced technological solutions for the home; for smarter homes, capable of saving more and more energy and offering greater wellbeing;
e-City, offering public administrations and municipalities integrated services and connectivity solutions, like the wholesale offer of fibre optic services.

Alongside the four Global Product Lines, we have also created the “Innovation & Product Lab”, which conceives, develops and tests new products and services, also with the contribution of customers.


We want to bring this new energy everywhere in the world, to contribute to the progress of humanity, creating shared and sustainable value.

Our project is born from the experience of a great energy utility, the Enel Group, and from a strategic vision that is open to change. That is why, to paraphrase that great innovator Isaac Newton, if we believe we can see further into the future of energy, it is because we are standing on the shoulders of a giant.

Energy as a Service

In order to be able to see further ahead and identify the technologies that can multiply the possibilities of transforming energy into services, the Enel Group has placed openness to the outside world and the continuous search for innovative solutions at the heart of its strategy.

The creation of partnerships and the acquisition of dynamic and open companies and start-ups is a cornerstone stone of our business. This is the path that the Enel Group is pursuing in order to expand our team through acquisitions aimed at increasing our ability to create value.

These are the transactions completed to date: