Brazil’s largest rooftop solar plant on the Melicidade

“Melicidade was designed to achieve three objectives: to attract talent, bring partners and customers together and promote sustainability”

– Helisson Lemos, President of Mercado Livre in Brazil

Green Practices, a balance of innovation and sustainability

The construction of the new Mercado Livre headquarters took 12 months and the various phases involved approximately 600 professionals to optimise the site’s natural resources in order to ensure sustainable development.

The Melicidade hosts 2,000 employees and represents an excellent example of corporate sustainability, with shared workspaces to facilitate direct contact between employees, large windows allowing natural light into the offices and 100% automated LED lighting to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%.

The rooftop solar technology project created by Enel Soluções for Mercado Livre is a perfect balance between technological innovation and sustainable energy, a model of good green practices to promote and replicate on a global scale.