Demand Response, an energy efficient solution

“Taking advantage of downtime has really helped us organise maintenance procedures. We did this with an ‘empty wallet’ approach, without having to invest other resources to make these operations more efficient”

– Anthony Magistrale, Electrical Engineer - Tissue Manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark, Hunstville

Profits compensate for downtime

As is logical, the managers of the Huntsville factory initially wondered if the reduction in activity could truly benefit the plant’s production. Magistrale responded by installing a 42-inch monitor at the entrance to the plant in order to provide constant updates not only of the factory’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and energy consumption, but also the potential load reduction and the profits that Huntsville generates during a Demand Response Dispatch.

“When I look at the numbers it’s pretty simple: the payments we receive not only compensate for, but actually outweigh, our downtime costs”

– Anthony Magistrale, Electrical Engineer - Tissue Manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark, Hunstville

In fact, the site receives standby payments for just participating in the Demand Response programme, regardless of whether or not a ‘response’ takes place, generating revenues in excess of 325,000 dollars annually.

Business Intelligence and local support

For this important production site in Ontario, mapping the condition of the power grid is of significant importance, both for anticipating power outages and for understanding supply costs. The Kimberly-Clark production plant actively participates in the stability of the power grid that feeds Canada’s most populous province, taking more than 5 MW ‘off the grid’ during peak power times, thereby providing a significant contribution to balancing the supply and demand of electricity, lightening the load on the network and preventing possible service interruptions. Thanks to EIS’s software, Huntsville plant personnel remain in constant contact with the EnerNOC’s team to check the possibilities for power reduction according to the needs of the moment.

The future is in sustainability

The Kimberly-Clark headquarters have long been committed to meeting sustainability standards. With the Energy Intelligence solution by EnerNOC of the Enel Group, the production plant in Ontario stands out as one of the world market’s main low-energy consumption facilities in this important sector. This success has encouraged Anthony Magistrale to look even further ahead, in search of ideas to maximise energy potential and move towards a future with increasingly sustainable solutions.


“We are examining options for energy auditing to identify potential new improvements in energy efficiency”

– Anthony Magistrale, Electrical Engineer - Tissue Manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark, Hunstville

EnerNOC’s Demand Response is sure to have the right solution.