“We wanted to change the lighting for the better, with the goal of rendering the lighting uniform throughout the city, also in line with what has been defined in the plan being prepared for the City Council”

– Tullio Tonelli, Sole Administrator of Pescara Energia

It is a turning point of technology and efficiency for the city: the best of Enel’s smart solutions will be introduced. The lights (except for a few special cases such as projectors) will all be individually remote-controlled; in other words, it will be possible to monitor them remotely, individually switching them on and off according to need. In doing so, management savings are added to the economic convenience of LED technology.

For the benefit of the environment

The advantage is both economic and environmental: energy savings of 10,609,127 kWh per year are envisaged in Pescara, 71% less than before, for an annual decrease in greenhouse gas emissions equal to 6335 tonnes of equivalent carbon dioxide.


“We will start from the north coast with this aesthetic improvement, which is above all a sustainable one that will create cost savings thanks to the vastly decreased costs of LED lighting”

– Marco Alessandrini, Mayor of Pescara

Enel Sole will also be responsible for maintenance, energy-related retrofitting and equipment upkeep for 10 years. We guarantee intervention within 72 hours if a light malfunctions; these times are reduced to 12 hours in the case of urgent malfunctions (for example if an entire road remains in the dark) and 45 minutes in dangerous situations. In addition to ordinary maintenance works, the contract includes programmed works (such as the painting of supports) and extraordinary ones (including the replacement of supports, excavations and restorations and the reconstruction of joints).

Third City in Italy

The Pescara contract is a significant milestone for Enel Sole as well. Not only is Pescara the largest city in Abruzzo, but it has become one of the most important in Italy for the company. “Pescara is in fact the third municipality managed by Enel Sole in the number of light points at national level: a challenge we are committed to for guaranteeing the highest quality service to all citizens”, commented Sguazzi. “The first is Bologna with over 51,000 light points, the second is Rimini with just over 30,000”, added Borghese, who continued: “In short, we are highly present along the Adriatic Coast; there are other, smaller municipalities, but they are equally important from the perspective of tourism and image”. Over 3,700 municipalities in Italy have chosen our technology: more than half of the total comprising over 2 million light points is equal to more than 20% of the national market.

Public and artistic lighting

About half of the new light points will use Archilede, the flagship of our smart solutions in the public lighting sector: it was developed within the Enel Group to maximise energy savings, reduce light dispersion and therefore light pollution, and at the same time guarantee aesthetically pleasing illumination. The Archilede range includes several models designed for the most diverse needs; Archilede High Performance, Archilede Special and Archilede Evolution were chosen for Pescara.


“Our goal is to satisfy the administration and the citizens with a job well done, improve the quality of lighting and retrofit the systems. We will do it in less time than we envisaged in our bid, precisely to carry out changes in the area as soon as possible”

– Graziano Gigante, Enel Sole Manager for Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise

The remaining lights - all LED - will be incorporated in urban furniture or artistic lighting. Yes, because in addition to being public lighting, our LEDs are designed to enhance the aesthetic heritage of the locations we work in. We have illuminated ancient and modern monuments, from the Alcázar of Seville to the brand new Citadel Bridge of Alexandria, as well as entire complexes including the archaeological area of Pompeii and the Milan Expo. Not to mention one of the symbols of Italy worldwide: the Tower of Pisa, one of the “miracles” that gave the square its name (Piazza dei Miracoli) according to the definition coined by D’Annunzio himself. Now the same lighting will reach Pescara, without miracles but rather with tried and tested Enel technology.