LED lights: The Hero, the Pope and Enel’s light

“We not only want to guarantee the reliable supply of electricity in the various points Pope Francis will pass by or stop at, but also offer all the visitors the tranquillity of being able to share His Holiness’s visit thanks to adequate lighting and acoustics”

– Germán Arce Zapata, Colombia’s Minister of Mining and Energy

The initiative was made possible thanks to the collaboration of three subjects: Codensa, who provided the technology, the District Institute for Sport and Leisure (Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte - IDRD) which manages the park’s administration, and the Special Administrative Unit of Public Services (Unidad Administrativa Especial de Servicios Públicos - UAESP). The works are part of a larger plan of the Municipality of Bogotá to improve its citizens’ quality of life.

LEDs, Efficient and Pleasant

LED technology is the fulcrum of the modernisation project: the smart solution for public lighting which is together more efficient than traditional lighting (and therefore economically cheaper), pleasing to the eye and attentive to reducing the dispersion of light and therefore light pollution.

873 street lamps along the park’s paths were replaced with LEDs, as well as 37 others in the main event square, while 175 additional LEDs were placed on as many new supports. Everything is powered by a new, 18-kilometre low-voltage power network.

Artistic lighting

Some areas of the park received special attention; in particular, the places most closely linked to the Pope’s intervention - the temple for the liturgy and the cross in front of him - and the most evocative ones, such as the waterfall and the lake’s shores. We installed artistic lighting in these areas to enhance their symbolic and aesthetic meaning.

Moreover, the Enel Group has played a leading role worldwide in the field of artistic lighting. We have illuminated historic monuments such as the Tower of Pisa and the Alcázar of Seville, in addition to contemporary events such as the Expo in Milan. Some of our installations had already been designed for parks and gardens, as in the case of the wonderful Quirinale Gardens in Rome. From one side of the Atlantic to the other, from the Pope’s home city to those of his visits to South America, the Enel Group is at the service of art and spirituality.