“I knew I wanted an electric vehicle, but I couldn’t decide between a totally electric or a hybrid car, as I was worried about being able to travel long distances. Then I saw that on Majorca, where I lived, Endesa had taken a decisive step towards electrically-powered mobility by installing rapid charging points to solve the problems involved in driving this type of car”

– Ricard Puiggros, ecaR client

To demonstrate beyond a doubt that this makes it possible to drive around Majorca, from one end of the island to the other, Endesa held a “sustainable rally” on the island’s roads. This was along a 180-kilometre course exclusively reserved for electric vehicles. The winner was not the first car to cross the line, but the contestant who consumed the least energy.

Residents and tourists unite for the environment

From a technological point of view, one of the most valuable features of the installations on Majorca is that they are very fast – a car battery can be recharged in less than half an hour. Smart payment methods also facilitate the process - an Endesa card gives drivers unlimited access to the charging stations, with the account settled by transfer at the end of the month. Alternatively, by joining the ecaR club, it’s possible to pay directly via smartphone with a dedicated App. This provides real-time tracking of the charging status, enables users to check data records and determine whether their desired charge station is free. It then allows them to book a slot at the station. The stations are equipped with all three commonly-used connectors, thereby catering to all electric car models.

Non-residents of the island and residents who do not intend buying an electric vehicle, but would like to rent one, can do so at one of the island’s car rental offices (Goldcar and Hertz both have the facilities required, for example). This is perhaps the most important aspect of the whole project, as our sustainable model enables residents and tourists alike to enjoy Majorca’s natural beauty.


“The ecaR project promoted by Endesa makes Majorca a benchmark destination for electrically-powered mobility”

– Pedro Pablo Sastre, Head of eCommerce, Goldcar

A broader e-mobility strategy

The ecaR project forms part of a wider-ranging initiative promoted by the Enel Group to encourage e-mobility in the countries where it operates, from Italy to Spain and Latin America.

The Majorcan network is one strand of our strategy to free electric transport from the limitations of a purely urban system. In this context, we have a wider initiative called EVA+. Co-financed by the EU, it involves the installation of 180 charge stations along the main highway corridors in Italy and a further 20 in Austria. The first 30 have already been installed on the main stretch of motorway linking Rome and Milan. This projects complements the one in Majorca. It has different characteristics and landscapes, but the basic idea is the same: to promote electric transport outside urban centres as a means of achieving sustainability.