“This system of television cameras for surveillance has provided decisive evidence in the investigation of crimes that have caused distress to the general public, such as the aggression at the church of Gratidud Nacional”

– Carolina Tohá, Mayor of Santiago

Electricity and smart technology

For an electricity company like ours, which is the most important in Chile, a video surveillance project is a natural progression of our activities. In actual fact surveillance cameras represent the second level of urban security, after public lighting. These two distinct levels both share two common features: on the one hand, they are both powered by electricity, and, on the other, both employ our smart solutions.

The latest generation television cameras based on IP technology have a high resolution that is well suited to nocturnal surveillance. The transmission of the images and the data occurs via a wireless network, while fibre optic cable is used for the cable connections.

“The surveillance camera project has many synergies with that of public lighting. Today security cameras represent the second generation of investment in urban security”

– Andreas Gebhardt, General Manager, Chilectra

Integration and collaboration

In a system like this it is essential that all of the technological components are integrated with one another and with the control centre. For this reason, it has been necessary to involve a number of specialized organisations.

Our role, therefore, has also been one of coordination: we have developed a system in collaboration with Visionaria, a company specialized in the integration of technological security systems. Axis, Samsung, Panasonic, Bosch, Dahua, HikVision and Pelco were the suppliers of the camera equipment. Alvarion and Radwin provided the wireless technology and Genetec the IT systems in the monitoring centre. Axxon and Panasonic supplied the software and Dell, HP, Cisco, LG, Samsung and NEC the hardware.

The project was developed in collaboration with Chilean law enforcement agencies. Officers from the police and Carabinieros indicated the locations considered most critical in which to install the surveillance cameras. They also manage the remote monitoring and activities relating to interventions on the scene.


“In the past Villa Alemana had two security cameras, and then only in the city centre. Today we install them in the outskirts, in locations selected by the Carabinieros, in areas where the general public feels less safe”

– José Sabat Marcos, Mayor of Villa Alemana

Our commitment to improving the quality of people’s lives

A smart solution like that of surveillance cameras in Chile is also a showcase for promoting the Enel Group’s image of innovation and efficiency. It similarly offers it the chance to work together with other big companies. For Enel, such experiences are assets and the partnerships that ensue can be developed and extended to the benefit of everyone.

This project offers further confirmation of our commitment to improving the quality of people’s lives.