The northernmost in the world Enel X charging station for electric vehicles is launched in Teriberka

Teriberka, October 22, 2021 ‑ A charging station for Enel X electric vehicles is launched in Teriberka, Murmansk region. It is the first charging station on the Russian shore of the Barents Sea and the northernmost one for Enel X, a subsidiary of Enel Group in charge of developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles globally.


The Enel X Juice Box charging station is located in Teriberka at 69 degrees north latitude. It is the first charging station in Russia on the shore of the Barents Sea and it has been installed as part of Barents-Baltic Electric Road (BBER) project being implemented by the non-profit organization Bellona. The project is aimed at creating a network of charging stations along St. Petersburg-Petrozavodsk-Murmansk-Teriberka route.


The inaugural ceremony was attended by Evgeny Nikora, Deputy Chairman of Murmansk Regional Duma, Yuri Sergeev consultant to Autonomous Non-commercial Organization Bellona, and Alexey Leonov, General Director of LLC Enel X Rus. They launched the first charging session of an electric car in Teriberka.


“Murmansk Regional Duma fully supports the idea of the Barents-Baltic Electric Road project. There is no better place to begin this work than the very beginning of this route, on the shores of the Barents Sea, which does not freeze in Teriberka region. Every year tens of thousands of tourists come here, and I am absolutely sure that more and more tourists, and not only from Norway, where personal electric transport already prevails, but also from Russia will come here using electric cars. Our commitment to development of this type of transport is confirmed by the initiative of launching an electric bus from Norway, which will also be able to reach Teriberka. I am sure that in five years we will see a different picture showing the use of electric transport in our country. Therefore, it is important that we take this step here and today, and I urge our colleagues from Karelia and Leningrad Region to pursue this work.”

– Evgeny Nikora, Deputy Chairman of Murmansk Regional Duma


“I am very pleased that together with our colleagues from Bellona, we are not only contributing to the implementation of the project on creating a charging station corridor connecting the shores of the Barents and Baltic Seas, but we are also providing support to the concept of developing production and use of electric vehicles, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. It is in Murmansk region where the needs of electric vehicles can be met by the lowest-carbon electricity generated by nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, as well as by Kola wind farm, which is being built in the region by Enel Russia.”

– Stephane Zweguintzow, Head of Enel in Russia


“The nature of the north is unique and fragile; every year it attracts more and more tourists. Our common goal is to preserve this pristine beauty without hiding it from people. In this sense ecological tourism and rational use of natural resources is the only correct strategy, part of which is the opportunity to visit Teriberka by an electic car. Bellona and Enel have a long-standing partnership. Enel Russia is currently building the larges wind farm beyond the Arctic Circle – the Kola WPP - which proves that renewable energy can and will be available in the Far North. We hope that this event will be the first step of a chain of opening of charging stations, and in a while we will meet on the shores of the Baltic Sea to celebrate the end of the project which was launched today.”

– Oskar Njaa, General Manager for International Affairs of Bellona


JuiceBox is a compact and user-friendly AC charger that is operated by JuiceNet, a software platform with a mobile application. The existing electric vehicles, charged for 1 hour at this station, will be able to travel 50-100 km. The device is equipped with a widely-used Type 2 connector and it complies fully with the international standards. This station can be used for integration with mobile applications for monetization, and in the Pro configuration it also allows the implementation of smart charging solutions, including dynamic power limitation depending on the client's needs. The station can be used within the temperature range from -40 to +60 degrees, being of special importance in the harsh conditions of the Kola Peninsula. It is expected that the charging station will be used by both Murmansk residents and the tourists being fond of the popular northern routes passing through Teriberka, which has become a point of attraction for those who prefer active rest to just lying on the beach.


The JuiceBox station is produced in line with Enel Group’s commitments to the principles of circular economy: it is made from the recycled plastic waste and it can be recycled upon its lifetime termination.


In 2016 a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the non-profit organization Bellona and the Government of Murmansk Region on the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Murmansk Region. Within the framework of this document charging stations were installed in Murmansk and the municipal settlement Zapolyarny in 2017 and 2019. This initiative is called "Arctic Electric Road".


Currently in Russia there are 20 Enel X public charging stations. They are located in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Gorno-Altaisk and in the Far East. Previously Enel X has implemented another project related to the corridor of charging stations for electric vehicles. The Pan American Highway corridor includes 196 stations and runs along the coast of North, Central and South America and the Andes. It runs through 11 countries from the city of Ushuaia in Argentina to the city of Ensenada in Mexico.


Enel X Rus LLC is a subsidiary of Enel X in Russia, the Enel Group’s global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions. The company is developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and other advanced technology solutions in the field of energy efficiency. Within the e-Mobility (EV charging infrastructure) direction, Enel X Rus LLC provides various types of charging stations for electric vehicles.


Bellona is an international environmental group headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Since 1994 its branch has been operating in Murmansk. In Russia the NGO implements environmental projects in the North-West region and publishes Ecology and Law Magazine.