What is it?

The Enel X JuicePump family offers multi-standard DC and AC charging stations for EVs providing a seamless charging experience from 60 kW all the way up to 150 kW. Compatible with all the main charging standards for EVs it represents an ecosystem of electric mobility solutions that allow your business to participate in the sustainable mobility transformation easily and conveniently.

Need to know

Standard output configurations for all JuicePump models:

  • CCS2 (DC) + CCS2 (DC)
  • CCS2 (DC) + CHAdeMO (DC)
  • JuicePump 75 Trio, JuicePump Flexi 150 Trio also provide AC output via Type 2 connector


Standard connectivity for all JuicePump models:

  • GPRS/3G/4G
  • JuicePump 60 and JuicePump 150 also offer Wi-Fi; LAN; Bluetooth
  • JuicePump 75, JuicePump 75 Trio, JuicePump Flexi 150 and JuicePump Flexi 150 Trio offer Ethernet


Power split:

All JuicePump models provide simultaneous dual high-speed charging (except JuicePump 75 and JuicePump 75 Trio)