What is it?

JuicePole is a dual socket AC charging station designed for frequent use. Delivering up to 22 kW per socket and compatible with all main EV models in Europe, JuicePole is ideally suited for shopping centers, business parks, apartment blocks and any organisation with EV charging needs.

Need to know

Smart metering

JuicePole can be integrated into smart charging logics, leveraging specific algorithms and advanced smart metering functions.


JuicePole is designed to fit our vision for sustainability.


We identified the opportunity to extend the lifetime of EV charging infrastructures – including JuicePole - thanks to the remanufacturing and regeneration of spare parts for maintenance and repair purposes. Regeneration reduces the need for brand-new spare parts, thus reducing our environmental impact and procurement costs.


Features like these are part of the Enel X Circular Economy Boosting Program, a company-wide approach to assess and increase both the level of circularity in our solutions portfolio and our clients’ Circular Economy maturity. The Boosting Program identifies new technologies, business models and innovations to be applied and integrated within portfolios, projects and processes.

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Circular Economy Score

According to the scale of the circularity of Enel X solutions, the JuicePole has a Level 3 score: the solution guarantees more sustainable methods even in the consumption and recovery phase of the product; the principles of circular economy also characterize - albeit partially - the way the service is provided. The JuicePole in fact respects 4 of the 5 business models of the Circular Economy.

Sustainable inputs

About 90% of the energy used to build the JuicePole comes from renewable sources.

Sharing platform

Like any public asset, the JuicePole can be shared with all users of the recharging service.

Product as a service

Enel X makes its infrastructures available to other operators, who can use them for recharging through RFID cards and their apps.

Life extension

For the technological renewal of its recharging points, Enel X recovers and reuses all the parts that are still functional for use in maintenance activities.