Apply to ElectricUP with Enel X

Apply to ElectricUP with Enel X


Enel X is for you a One Stop Shop on the road to non-reimbursable financing.

We provide photovoltaic systems with installed power between 27kWp-100kWp and charging stations for electric cars of at least 22kW.

Together with a dedicated team, we offer specialized consultancy during the development and operation of such a project, as well as after-sales services, as an authorized installer of ANRE.

Access the Electric Up government program and you can benefit from a non-reimbursable financing of up to 100% of the value of the eligible expenses, up to a limit of 100,000 euros!

About the ElectricUP program - non-reimbursable state funding

According to GEO 159/2020, SMEs and companies operating in the field of HORECA, can receive up to 100,000 euros, non-reimbursable funds, for the installation of photovoltaic panels with an installed power between 27kWp-100kWp and 22kW charging stations for plug-in hybrid electric and electric cars.

The non-reimbursable financing is granted in the amount of a maximum of 100% of the eligible expenses, but not more than 100,000 euros, depending on the installed power, energy efficiency, storage requirements and the percentage of co-financing.

Let's start with the first step, contact us today!

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