Privacy Policy

Privacy - Policy former art. 13 D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 [article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003]

In accordance with article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, it is hereby stated that Enel X S.r.l. whose headquarters are in Viale Tor di Quinto 47 - 00191 Rome is the owner responsible for the treatment of the information provided by those who use the company website and submit the form made available by the company, in order for the company to contact them and provide them with various forms of information.

Enel X S.r.l. discloses that said data will be treated, in keeping with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 "Policy for the treatment of personal information", in such a way as to guarantee the privacy and safety measures set forth by applicable laws, with use being strictly related to the objectives of such treatment. Providing the aforementioned data is compulsory, since it is a necessary prerequisite for establishing contact with the company; partial, imprecise or lacking information may make it impossible for Enel X to contact the individual and provide the information requested.

How data is treated

Information collected for the aforementioned purposes is treated using tools, including automated tools, and will be stored for a period of no more than two years, to be used for the purposes for which the information was collected with use being related to the objectives described above.

Specific security measures are implemented to prevent the loss, misuse or incorrect use of the data, as well as any unauthorised access.

Categories of individuals to whom data may be sent, or who may have access to such data given their roles as directors or their being entrusted with a given task.

Personal information acquired this way is shared with Mashfrog S.p.A., serving as External director for data treatment, (legal headquarters and operations located in Via Giacomo Peroni, 400 - 00131 Rome). Said company is tasked with managing the various phases of collection and analysis of the data found on the forms submitted to Enel X.

Personal information may also be revealed to Enel X S.r.l. employees or collaborators who have been duly entrusted with data treatment.

Rights of the individual affected

In keeping with article 7 of the "Policy for the treatment of personal information", the user who has submitted the form to the company has the right to, at any time, know what information has been treated and how it has been used, as well as to have the data updated, completed or corrected, or to ask that the data be deleted or blocked and to oppose use of the data, if used in a manner that violates the law.

Individuals may exercise said rights, pursuant to article 7, by sending a specific request to Enel X S.r.l. – Viale Tor di Quinto 47 - 00191 Rome.