The first proyect with electric cabs on Peru has begun

Enel X has launched a project to supply energy to two electric taxis that circulate for the first time in Peru.

The first proyect with electric cabs on Peru has begun
  • This project lays the foundations for the massification of electromobility in Peru, educating the general public about its benefits.
  • The two electric taxis are in circulation and will collect information for six months to evaluate the implementation of a fleet of up to 30 electric taxis.

The city of Lima already has the first fleet of electric taxis in the country thanks to an alliance between Enel X, which is responsible for providing the electric chargers as well as the installation and the energy they will use; BYD, which provides the necessary electric cars; and Direct Taxi, in charge of managing the taxi fleet, as well as its operation and permits.

This project consists of the introduction of 2 electric taxis to a taxi fleet that will continue to operate for a total period of 6 months to collect information on the performance of the cars, their costs and savings, the reduction of emissions, the efficiencies and the functionalities of the smart chargers. All this information will become the basis for evaluating the implementation of a larger fleet of up to 30 electric taxis.

For this pilot project there are two chargers: a Juicebox Pro 32 charger with 7 kW of power at the Direct Taxi base in Callao and a fast-charge charger in the Enel parking lot located in San Miguel. The first electric taxi will use the Callao charger outside the rush hour, during the night, and it will take 6 hours to charge the battery 100%. While the second electric taxi will charge in 3 hours.

Benefits of electric taxis

  • Environmental: CO2 emissions are reduced as each taxi avoids the emission of 11 to 16 tons of pollutant gases per year.
  • Social: noise pollution is reduced and the Direct Taxi company is trained in the use of new technologies (auto and electric chargers).
  • Education: the benefits of electric mobility are explained to the general public that uses taxis.
  • Savings: in maintenance only these cars save between 200 to 450 soles per month, while the fuel savings are between 15 to 45 soles per day for a route of 200 km (or 450 to 1350 per month).

Electric chargers: a step towards the future

Enel X smart chargers allow monitoring from an app to make it easier for customers to review the status of the battery charge, charging schedules, consumption, and even perform actions such as programming, starting or canceling the charge. Enel X has slow-charging chargers for residential and commercial use, semi-fast charging for public use, and fast charging for service stations.

This pilot project is part of the push of Enel X to encourage the use of electric mobility in the country, which favors the implementation of charging points in places of public access. With Enel X, the future of mobility is getting closer.

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