Thermographic inspection

Thermographic inspection

Check the temperature of your equipment.


Care is required to maintain a company's equipment in good conditions and prevent problems and failures that may arise in the long term. For example, a sudden temperature increase in equipment, engines, pumps, bearings, among others, may indicate their malfunction; however, if detected in time, possible breakdowns can be prevented.

A thermographic inspection identifies, by infrared radiation, the precise place where there is failure or anomaly. In this way, it allows you to reduce costs, maintenance actions and repair times.

With the application of this preventive model we:

  • Anticipate failures and reduce corrective maintenance.
  • Plan preventive maintenance activities.
  • Reduce costs due to stops in the operation.

Specialised and certified thermographers will carry out a complete evaluation on all the thermal, electrical and mechanical equipment of your facilities to determine the critical elements to take into account for maintenance, repair or replacement.

Remember that the data collected include the thermogram of all elements inspected and the appropriate recommendations, prioritising the actions to be taken in each case.

Our report reveals in detail which elements are operating at abnormally high temperatures. This inspection will provide:

  • The thermogram of the anomaly.
  • The digital photography of its location.
  • The summary table of comparative temperatures.
  • The classification of the failure.
  • The recommendations to follow for its removal.

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