Load increase

Load increase

Expand your production with the most efficient electrical equipment.


As companies start to grow, they usually acquire more machines and equipment to improve their processes. When this happens, the initial electrical charge becomes insufficient to cover the energy demand of the new infrastructure, and in many cases, electrical failures occur. This is why growing companies need a load increase, which is an adjustment to the power received by a company to obtain a greater electricity supply capacity.

Enel X helps enhance your company’s performance through the load increase service. We will meet the special needs of your business and provide assistance in the consulting, design, construction and supervision of your electrical work so that you can complete it on time following the appropriate quality standards.

A load increase will allow your company to:

  • Have the appropriate electric charge for the development of its activities.
  • Ensure the conditions for the proper functioning of equipment and machinery.
  • Improve your competitiveness by offering the highest quality products and services.

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