Installation and modernisation of facilities

Installation and modernisation of facilities


As companies start to grow, they also need an ideal quality infrastructure to successfully carry out all the processes that are part of their daily operations. By modernising and acquiring new facilities, your company executes better operational practices to avoid long-term failures and mitigate possible energy leaks.

Under this premise, Enel X offers a range of services that will not only increase your company’s share capital, but also enhance its performance. We will advise you on the design, construction and supervision of the electrical infrastructure projects that your business needs.

In addition to this, we provide services such as equipment installation, complementary works and correct energisation of facilities.

Do you know the advantages of modernising your electrical installations? Make your dream of modernising or acquiring new facilities come true, so your company can:

  • Use energy productively and efficiently and reduce unexpected expenses for repairs or failures.
  • Minimise unexpected expenses for repairs or failures and optimise the performance of machinery and equipment.
  • Be assured that works will be carried out following technical and safety standards.
  • Ensure the necessary load for your new facilities based on your operations and productivity requirements.
  • Prevent losses and electrical risks associated with obsolete installations.
  • Comply with current electrical regulations.

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